Commander Islands: The Edge of Earth - INSIDEOUT
Commander Islands: The Edge of Earth
Nikon Special Project 2018
In September 2018, the brand ambassador and an action sports photographer, Kiril Umrikhin, gathered a team of 10 people and went on an expedition to the Commander Islands. The Commander Islands is an unexplored region of Russia, that is so hard to get to. It has magnificent nature and very unpredictable weather conditions. The professional surfers and kiters Peter Tyushkevich and Nikolay Rakhmatov also joined to this expedition, whose goal was to become the first people to ride on this island on a kite or surf.
Director: Alexander Chernavin
DP: Artem Ermakov
Aerials shots & Soundman: Sergey Firsov
Music written, arranged by: Igor Dyacnenko, Ivan Krasnov

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